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Meet Instinct®, the best music production software for musicians on Mac and PC.

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Instinct is an audio app for Windows and OS X which allows you to quickly create and record your own music. It supports the latest technologies and is compatible with your existing plugins (VST, AU). It also comes with its own set of effects and instruments. But most importantly, it's simple.


How it works

Create a song with a few simple steps:

Get a kickstart

Your song needs drums? Pick a task in our assistant to create a drum track, or use your favorite sound.

Check the setup

This creates the tracks, instruments and effects with the parameters you need. Tune it until you're ready to record!

Add more layers

Repeat the task to pile up other instruments: a recording of your voice, a virtual synth, your bass line, ...


Your friends want to contribute to the project? No Problem, just share it from Instinct's interface.

“Instinct's interface is very clear! It's not confusing like the software I used before”

Blaise B.
Pro Pianist
& Alpha Tester

Musician friendly

Use your intuition

Not a producer? No problem. Instinct assists you with your recordings by preparing your tracks for you. Once you become more familiar with technical details,  you can customize the steps you need to go through to compose.

Your mind is clear, because our graphical interface is. Our simple, clutter-less interface lets you immediatly find what you're looking for without getting in the way of your inspiration. Try drag-and-dropping things around. Chances are that it will do what you expect it to do!

Inspirational tools

Need a community?

Instinct integrates with a special version of the open arpeggiation system AutoTheory, which helps you compose chords and melody on a given scale very easily, even if you don't know much about music theory. You can use it as an improvisation tool, or to help you sketch ideas of a song.

Use our simple forums to ask for help on a technical or musical problem. The Springbeats community is here to assist you in getting your song done. Simply export your unfinished Instinct project to our servers, and let the community see what it can do for you.

Springbeats Instinct FAQ

What is Springbeats Instinct?

Instinct is a new powerful tool for musicians making music on their computer. It is simple, and is specifically designed to assist you with all the technical tasks. 

When can I start using Instinct?

Instinct is in closed beta. We are currently distributing it only to our group of friends to get their feedback. Then we will start inviting users based on their position in the early access waiting list. You can request access to the beta by signing up with your email above. 

What does your solution include?

Instinct is a Windows and OS X software. It includes a set of virtual instruments and effects, as well as audio samples. When you share your project, it will be transfered to our servers and become available online. Each user can only store a couple projects for free. If you want more shared projects or private projects, we'll introduce a paid plan soon after launch.

Will you make a GNU/Linux version?

Yes. In fact we have a working development version that runs on linux. But we want to launch the Windows and Mac versions first, before coming back to the linux version. 

How is this different than the other existing workstations?

Most existing tools are either dedicated to electronic music and DJs, or music professionals that are used to work in studios. We focus on musicians who care about melodies, harmonies as much as sound design and texture. We strive for a simple user interface which lets you create new layers of sound easily, and share your project with others.

How much does it cost?

We don't have a definitive price for the moment. It will obviously be in the 50-100 euros range. 

Who is behind Springbeats? Where are you based?

Springbeats SARL is a French company headquartered in the city of Toulouse. Our founding team includes computer scientists and long time amateur musicians, collaborating with professional musicians and designers.